Nightstand Redo – DIY

My wife ventured to the Habitat for Humanity restore to find this beauty. The nightstand was a perfect tester for her first project. It was only $1 so that didn’t hurt.

DIY Nightstand Redo

As you can see the top had a lot of water damage. Rach grabbed our new Ryobi Corner Cat and went to sanding. She started with the 60 grit sander and moved down to the 220 grit for a smooth finish.

Here’s the sanded nightstand.

Nightstand Refinish

After sanding she painted with an oil-based primer but a water-based is much easier clean up and won’t mess up your brushes. After drying, she re-sanded to continue smoothing the top. That exposed some edges and gave it a more antique appearance. Painted with a light grey paint with a small sponge roller.

Then she again sanded it to expose some edges for the antique feel. Lightly stained the top then immediately wiped off to accent the exposed areas.

Application of lacquer to seal the nightstand and let dry for 24 hours.

Refinished Nightstand DIY

The first Hilliard home DIY project complete.


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